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Use coupon code - REPUBLIC10 to get of 10% discount.
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Immuncia Tablets

(8 customer reviews)


To boost immunity by balancing Vat, Pit and Kapha


Box Content

60 tablets

Individual Ingredient

Ayurvedic Medicine : Anantimool, Abrak Bhasm, Chirayata, Dalchinni, Guduchi, Haldi, Kulanjan, Kalmegh, Marich, Manjishtha, Pippali, Sahjan and Tulsi patta

Improve resistance to deceases & natural defence of body. Covered by American Journal of Food Science and Technology

Ayurvedic Medicine for Immunity

*Vol.4, No. 2, 2016, pp 52-57. doi: 10.12691

Gold Standard Formulas.

High Quality Herbs.

Extensive Research

No side Effects


Immuncia Tablets
Immuncia Tablets

Immuncia Tablet


Improve resistance to deceases & natural defence of body. Covered by American Journal of Food Science and Technology

*Vol.4, No. 2, 2016, pp 52-57. doi: 10.12691

Features and Benefits

Immuncia from IndiSky Herbs

To boost your overall immunity, you need a supplement that works on your entire system – both internal and external. Immunica does exactly that. It makes your body strong enough to keep symptoms of fever, cold and flu at bay. It comes loaded with antioxidants that help in effective detoxification, improving metabolic rates, and preventing immunity disorders. Immunica is made from 100% natural ingredients; therefore, you can trust the product to work wonders on your overall immunity.

All disorders of the body – physical and mental, are because of the imbalance in the three doshas – Vat, Pit and Kapha. Immunica aims to get to the root of the issue and bring a balance in these doshas with the help of some powerful ingredients.

If you want to try Immunica, we recommend you to buy the product from the manufacturer, IndiSky Herbs, directly. IndiSky Herbs doesn’t keep a log of your personal details, and it provides you with a secure payment option to make your purchases. Shopping from IndiSky Herbs gives you the peace of mind that you are buying a genuine product only.

Mfg. Lic. No. -1141-ISM (HR)

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Key Ingredients

The active ingredients of Immuncia are divided into three groups. They are:

Dosha Experts

This group is made up of the compounds, Anantmool, Abhrah Bhasm and Chirayata. All these compounds are packed with nutrients and antioxidants that help in the following:


This group consists of the compounds of Guduchi, Haldi, Marich, Sahjan and Tulsi leaves. These compounds play a vital role in improving the human body’s absorption of micronutrients from the food it eats. You can absorb more copper, zinc, sulfur, sodium, nickel, and other nutrients including fatty acids and total proteins from your food, when you start consuming Immunica tablets. Thanks to these nutrients, your resistance levels and defense mechanism against diseases improve considerably.

Symptom Resolvers

This group consists of Dalchinni, Guduchi, Haldi, Kulanjan, Kalmegh, Manjishtha, Pipali and Tulsi leaves. These ingredients are rich in antioxidants. They have anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-hyperglycemic, cardiovascular protective, osteoprotective, neuroprotective and other characteristics that protect your body against all disorders.

These ingredients help you with the following benefits:

Dosage and Administration

Immuncia Tablets

You can consume one Immuncia tablet twice a day for best results. However, we recommend you consult with your physician to know the dosage and effects of this supplement before trying it.

Reviews (8)

8 reviews for Immuncia Tablets

  1. Rostislav Gerasimov

    I am thoroughly impressed with indisky immuncia tablet. It’s very good, and effective to raise immunity. I recommended it to my mother and she felt nice too.

  2. Lucas Bobrov

    Me and my father used it when we felt little low on energy may be because of weather change. After having it for 2 days we have seen clear difference in ourselves. Ingredients are very nice. Can be used it any weather.

  3. Ida Mordvinova

    I came to know through my friend and am using since Dec 2020….and suggested to my friends and they also noticed good results….for sugar & BP u will see result in 1 week…..after using this my joint pains got ..reduced….

  4. Myron Kovalev

    Normally when purchasing I felt that this product will be good but this turned out to be amazing. It improved my strength and cognition and reduced my hair fall too. Far from suggested I used to take a pill after every meal and I can strongly say that this helps the body to absorb nutrients to a better extent. I am using this for 12 days and I got results from 5th day as we know ayurvedic products will take some time to function and I trust that this will improve my condition further…

  5. Ida Nevzorov

    Now a days we are always talking about how to boost the immunity, its very impressive because its totally auyurvedic and it has all most important contents like chirayata, manjistha, and anantmool so I bought this and I am regularly using to boost my immunity it is working very well and without any side effects

  6. Praskovya Vorobyova

    So as whole world is suffering from Covid -19 panedemic and only one thing that is important nowdays is IMMUNITY so i come across this amazing product from indisky herbs and this is awesome.

  7. Susanna Repina

    This is 100% plant based product and help our immune system for a better immunity.

  8. Matilda Kornilova

    I have used different brands but this one beats all other with the ingredients and price.

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